Look fabulous with these 5 moves that will leave you feeling like a VS model!

Victoria’s Secret Angels are synonymous with the word perfection. While we all love to look at their long, flowing hair and flawless skin let’s face it, it’s their bodies that we envy the most! To get us all on the right fitness track, You Beauty  got the scoop on some of the top fitness moves the Angels use to get those sinfully sexy bodies.
Look fabulous with these 5 moves that will leave you feeling like a VS model!

Sculpt Killer Abs Like New Mom Lily Aldridge: “When you look at Lily’s abs, it’s hard to believe that her baby is only a little over one year old” says Mary Helen Bowers, creator of Ballet Beautiful—a workout that combines floor exercises that sculpt small muscle groups with calorie-burning cardio to create a ballerina’s physique—which she uses to train some of the Angels themselves. “To get that sexy definition through the sides without over developing the stomach, target the lower abs as well as the upper and lower obliques.”
Abs With a Twist: Stretch both legs out long on the mat and pull the stomach in tight. Lift the right leg and left arm and twist the upper body to the right. Lower and lift the upper body keeping the right leg lifted with the stomach pulled in. Repeat 2 sets of 8.
Get a Perky Butt Like Doutzen: Doutzen is known to be a lifelong athlete. To keep that foundation and continue to lift the rear, “it’s key to strengthen the back of the legs and even the lower back,” say Bowers, which are oft-forgotten areas in everyday life. “For the Angels this is ideal because their bodies are really on display up on that stage!”

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