Glamglow Super Clearing Treatment Mud Mask

I received a sample of “Glamglow Super Clearing Treatment Mud Mask” with a Sephora order a few months back and I quickly forgot about it as it got lost in my sample abyss. While going through said abyss I pulled this one out to try. I didn’t know anything about this product however the description of what this mask does seemed exactly what I’ve been looking for since I’ve been having major breakouts and blackheads.
The consistency and color was surprising. It’s much more of a liquidy consistency than other clay masks I have. It smells very herbal and licorice-like. Not my favorite scent, but masks aren’t really there to smell amazing. It goes on in a very thin layer. I struggled a bit getting it evenly distributed before it started drying, which is does fairly quickly.
Glamglow Super Clearing Treatment Mud Mask

Within 5 minutes I could see small dots starting to form as the mask worked its magic at sucking out the nasty stuff from my pores. Within 20 mins my nose, chin, and forehead were covered in these spots and the mask had been fully dry for about 10 mins. It does feel tight but not any more so than other masks, it was actually rather gentle in comparison.
Washing the mask off was pretty easy. I didn’t feel like I needed a paint scraper to remove it. As I washed it off I could already tell my skin looked less dull. After drying my skin did feel a bit tight, however it felt baby soft and my skin was super smooth. I applied my normal moisturizer and inspected my skin further. My blackheads were as clear as they’ve been in ages! My skin looked radiant and glowy!
After using clay masks I always brace myself for some breakouts, however, 3 days later I have yet to have any new breakouts and the two zits I had before using this mask are completely gone.
I’m surprisingly impressed with this product so I ordered a full size straight away from Amazon. This seemed to be the best price I could find $39.95 , so Im pretty happy about that. I have no second thoughts about investing in this product. I’m hoping adding this to my skin care regimen will completely change my now apparent aging skin for the better. Having bad skin and breakouts at 30 is embarrassing and I wish I would have taken better care of my skin earlier on.

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