Facial Exercises for Glowing Skin

The unofficial law of working out states that when you exercise consistently and correctly, you see results in the form of a leaner, tighter, stronger body. Why else would we shell out money for expensive gym memberships, or take crazy classes that leave us in a puddle of sweat and tears? Science (and Instagram’s #beforeafter hashtag) has proven that exercise can transform our bodies, so what if we told you it could also change your skin?
The idea of facial exercise is simple: Just like you would work out your thighs to make them firmer, facial exercise is founded on the belief that working out your face muscles will tone, lift, and boost volume. We spoke with facial exercise expert and Skin Fitness founder Julie Lindh about exactly how it works and more importantly, how to do it ourselves. (Warning: Do not attempt in public spaces if you’d still like to have friends.) Keep scrolling to learn all about facial workouts, and the three model-approved exercises Lindh shares with all her clients!
Facial Exercises for Glowing Skin

“Facial exercise works on your facial muscles to increase their strength,” Lindh explains. “While you do them, you’re actually helping to re-contour your face in a way.” The older we get, the more collagen we lose, which results in sagging, drooping, and wrinkles. Lindh says that building up your face muscles will plump up spots that would normally see a reduction in collagen (namely, your cheek area). “Muscle is muscle,” Lindh says. “Facial muscles react the same way as your arms and legs do when you go to the gym to work out. The movement helps increase heat and microcirculation in those areas—the stronger the muscles beneath the skin, the tighter it looks on the surface.”

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