7 Ways to Have a Spa Day at Home

In today’s economy, going to the spa can be expensive, and it’s almost taboo to go with your girlfriends. Prices can vary depending on where you live and what type of treatments you want to get. On top of all that, those factors don’t include the tip. Next thing you know, you end up spending a ton of money on the instant satisfaction you get at the spa. Well, you can have a spa day at home too!
7 Ways to Have a Spa Day at Home

Steam treatment: If you have a kitchen pot and access to hot water, you can do this steam treatment at home. All you have to do is find a nice, quiet place where you can wash and exfoliate your face so there is no dirt left on your skin. If you don’t wash the dirt away, it can get in your steam-opened pores. Next, fill a small pot with water and heat it on the stove. Make sure you wait until the water is hot and steamy, so you can get the full effect of this spa treatment. Then, you want to lean your head toward the steam for a few minutes so you can really feel like you are at the spa. Add your favorite oil to satisfy your senses. Be sure to avoid any burns by staying a safe distance away from the steam. (via Ebony)
Face mask: This is probably one of the easiest home spa treatments you can do! The whole point of doing a face mask is to make your skin smooth and supple. And more than likely, you can find ingredients for a mask right in your kitchen. For example, banana masks are a great way to do a mask at home. Just peel and mash a ripe banana and apply it to your face. (via Reader’s Digest)
Under-the-eye treatment: You probably have a cucumber laying around your kitchen, so this will be an easy solution to those annoying bags you have under your eyes. All you have to do is chop up a few slices of cucumbers, lie in your bed and try this treatment with that facial mask from above. It’s so easy, it just makes you want to try it now.
Foot soak: You go through your day with dry feet, and if you have a job that requires you stand up, they’re probably achy as well. Well, foot soaks are a great way to soothe achy feet. First you want to lay a towel on the floor where you’ll have your foot soak. Then find a large bowl and pour warm water in it. Add one cup of epsom salt, which soothes aches. (via Natural Living Ideas and Livestrong)
Manicures: Who doesn’t love a good mani/pedi? First you need some cuticle oil and a cuticle stick to push those cuticles back. Next, you need nail clippers, a nail file, some moisturizer and your favorite nail polish. Make sure you soak your hands in warm water before you apply the cuticle oil. After you take care of those cuticles, trim and shape your nails before you apply the polish. Lastly, add a little moisturizer to your hands to make them look spa worthy. This is especially fun to do with your daughter looking for some entertainment on a rainy day!
Pedicures: Try using a foot scrub before you paint your toenails. This way you get to work your magic on soft and smooth feet. And hey, a little moisturizer wouldn’t hurt either!
Aromatherapy: Also known as essential oil therapy, aromatherapy uses scents and oils from plants to promote a healthy mind and body. Spas charge an arm and a leg for an aromatherapy treatment, so why not do one at home in your bathtub? Just stop by your local drugstore and pick up some essential oils, candles or scented bath salts. That way, you’ll get the aromatherapy treatment with a fraction of the cost of the spa.

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