7 Simple Tips To Make And Use Castor Oil Packs

You might know how wonderful an ingredient castor oil is. But when you buy the same from the market, you can’t rely on its purity. It might be adulterated with chemicals? Those chemicals might cause side effects? There are chances for all that to happen, right? So what can be done?
The best thing to do is to make a castor oil pack by yourself, right from the comfort of your home. This will help you save money and as well keep any adulteration at bay.
7 Simple Tips To Make And Use Castor Oil Packs

The Method To Prepare Castor Oil Packs:

1. Find a flannel. It should be big enough to cover your belly area and chest.
2. Mould and fold the flannel to make three layers, one over the other in a triangular pattern.
3. Place it in a vessel and pour castor oil into it. Keep it submerged in the oil until it gets evenly covered with it.
4. Take out the dripping flannel from the bowl and mount it on your belly, while ensuring it covers the lower side of your chest too.
5. Wrap a plastic sheet around the flannel, so that the oil does not drip down from the edges and corners.
6. Once you stack the flannel with a plastic sheet, place a hot water bottle exactly above your abdomen.
7. Take a thick cloth and wrap it around your upper body. This practice is necessary to stop the heat from escaping.

This makes up a therapeutic castor oil pack! It is easy to make and use. The cost involved is only of castor oil, as all the other items are easily available at home. This healing oil pack offers exceptional health benefits. They are as follows:

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Benefits Of Castor Oil Packs:

Castor oil packs benefits duodenal problems like bloating and acidity. It is a rich source of antioxidants. Antioxidants are free radical repellents. Free radicals increase the toxicity level of the stomach. This causes bloating and acidity. A castor oil pack releases fresh antioxidants in the stomach. These antioxidants nullify the harmful effects of free radicals and flush toxins out of the human body. Hence, it cures the problem of acidity and bloating caused due to the upset PH levels of the duodenum.
Castor oil is loaded with the goodness of ricinoleic acid. Heat insulation in castor oil pack helps ricinoleic acid to seep through the body’s membrane and directly reach the cells. This acid is a typical analgesic that heals pain and offers relief. Thus, castor oil pack is a typical analgesic pack. It can also be used to relieve back pain caused due to stressed muscles and tissues.
Place the flannel on the back instead of the abdomen in order to heal back pain. Follow the same process as that in mounting the pack on the stomach.
Ricinoleic acid is also an anti-inflammatory agent. Thus, it helps in healing inflammation caused due to bacteria, viruses and microbes. Its transfer into the body through oil packs ensures that the WBC’s get stimulated to fight back all the disease causing microbes in the body.
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Castor oil pack is an amazing therapy that can ease breathing disorders too. Ricinoleic acid in castor oil seeps inside the chest as well. The heat insulation also triggers the process of dilating phlegm in the chest and bronchial walls. Heat and ricinoleic acid collectively clear the chest off the phlegm. It also reduces inflammation caused due to chest congestion. As a result, breathing improves.
Castor oil packs possess excellent therapeutic properties. Try a homemade pack and experience dramatic changes in your health!

Have you ever experienced the goodness of these ailing properties through a homemade castor oil pack? Which is the best benefit of castor oil packs according to you? Do share your feedback with us in the comments section!

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