Sultry Smokey Eyes in 5 MINUTES – Step by Step

Sultry Smokey Eyes in 5 MINUTES - Step by Step

STEP 1 >>  Start with a clean bare eye.  If you have an eyeshadow base or a flesh colored matte shadow on hand, apply to the upper lid. (This helps your eye makeup to stay in place.) 
STEP 2 >>  Use an eyeshadow brush to sweep some dark brown shimmer over the entire eyelid and under the eye.  I used a shading brush for Melissa’s eyes, but I’m not gonna lie – I usually use the cheap pads that come with plain old drugstore eye shadow.  Most makeup artists would scold me for this, but I find that they give you more control, which means a quicker makeup job!
STEP 3 >>  Add a coat of matte black shadow just along the upper and lower lash lines. 
STEP 4 >>  Use a Q-Tip for quick clean-up of any loose eye shadow.  This step is totally optional, but it shaves off the time spent wiping any messes off your peepers after you’re all done and the shadow has had a chance to set.
STEP 5 >>  Apply black eyeliner along the lash line all the way to the inner corners and along the lower waterline*.  Any black eyeliner pencil will do, but my must-have, every-single-day choice is Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in ‘Zero.’   *The lower waterline is the bottom rim of your eye.  If you have overly sensitive eyes, you can skip this step. 
STEP 6 >>  Sweep a light coat of a pale, neutral colored shimmer (I used a champagne color) along the top edge of the brown shadow that you applied in step 2, then apply a dab of white shimmer at the inner corners of your eyes.  (A hint of shimmery white shadow on the inner corners of your eye makes them look bigger and brighter.  It’s like a happy little miracle.)
STEP 7 >>  Apply two coats of black mascara to your top lashes, then one coat to the bottom.  (For a great, no-fuss mascara application, look up, hold the wand at the roots of your top lashes, then gently wiggle the brush as you comb upward.  For the bottom, look up, and lightly tap the end of the mascara wand from side to side along your lashes).
TIP >>  If you’re going for a more dramatic nighttime look, try adding a coat of black liquid eyeliner over the eyeliner pencil on the top lid.  

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