How To Do Triangle Pose (Cute Infographic!)

Extended Triangle Pose is one of my favorites. It’s so dynamic — twisting, stretching, balancing — it’s akin to that first fabulous stretch you experience when you wake up or come out of savasana..
How To Do Triangle Pose (Cute Infographic!)

I mean, think about what’s happening in your body: the hamstrings and the psoas are stretching, the external and internal oblique muscles are both activating and lengthening, and the shoulders are coming into alignment as you’re engaging and strengthening the rhomboids (those muscles between the scapulae). Plus, you’re aiding in digestion, toning the pelvis, the belly, and the nervous system as you realign the spine
But! This is also a pose in which we can push too hard, becoming too obsessed with getting the bottom hand lower and the top one higher. I’ve also noticed that students tend to hunch and round through the back here.
What needs to happen is contraction of the rhomboids, drawing the scapulae together (just as you do in Chaturanga Dandasana). Keep yourself honest, patient, and in alignment. The flexibility will come, but not if you become injured in the process.

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