Top 5 Amazing Tips for Double Chin Reduction

When there is excessive fat storage in the body, then a double chin is the obvious result. A sudden decrease in body weight may result in excessive loose skin too.
Top 5 Amazing Tips for Double Chin Reduction
Here are some of the best and definite solutions on how to reduce double chin.
1. Exercise for double chin reduction:
a. Open your mouth wide and move your lower jaw in an up and down movement as if you are trying to scoop out something with your lower jaw. You will notice your lower teeth touching your lower lip. Repeat this exercise 15 times and do it several times a day.
b. Raise your chin up and open and close your mouth as if you are chewing a gum. You will feel the jaw line tightening.
c. Stand up with your head at a natural angle. Bring your lower lip up as much as possible and do this for 20 seconds. Repeat several times a day.
d. Raise your head towards the ceiling and open your mouth as wide as you can. Now pucker your lips as much as you can and count till ten. This exercise will help you to tighten your jaw line.
e. Sit up with your back straight on a chair and slowly tilt your head as far as you can. Close your mouth as tightly as you can and stay still for around 10 to 15 seconds. You will feel your neck muscles tightening.
f. Another double chin exercise is by lying with a pillow. Now start tilting your head back stretching your neck as far as you can. This will make your chin firmer which will eventually help in making that double chin go away.
g. With the back of your hand, slowly slap underneath the chin. Start slowly and increase the pace gradually. Repeat this exercise several times a day.
Double chin reduction gets easier when these exercises become a part of your day.

2. Follow a healthy diet:
Maintaining a good, healthy and well balanced diet can also be an answer to how to get rid of double chin. If you are following a WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM, double chin exercises are important, because your facial muscle will sag once you have lost weight. This will result in a double chin.
Most of the time, double chins are caused due to weight gain. With a sedentary lifestyle, the importance of low calorie balanced diet is often ignored. Cutting back on junk foods and aerated beverages and even legumes will aid in disintegration of the fat content. Studies show that with growing age, the consumption of junk foods only speeds up the ageing process. Investing in a healthy diet will not only reduce the double chin but aid in overall well-being as well as your intake of calories. Cutting back on your caloric intake will not only help you to reduce your double chin but also lose fat from other body parts as well.
Decreasing your intake of calories is another good way to reduce double chin. You need to watch out what you are eating. Follow a diet that is high in fiber and low in calories. Aim to drop at least 60 to 70% of your daily caloric intake. Diet is the key to get rid of double chin.
3. Correct your posture:
Having a good posture is another way to reduce double chin.
Whether you are at your computer or reading a book, it’s important to keep your back straight and chin up. Always hold your head up high making sure that your jawline is out. Doing so helps to reduce the fat under the chin. It also helps in the appearance of leaner face and neck.
Letting your head droop and walking with your head tilted downwards will further bring layers of fat underneath your chin.
You can even invest in an affordable ergonomic chair that keeps your posture upright as an answer to how to lose double chin.
4. Surgery:
The surgical answer is mentoplasty or lumpectomy. This surgery is relatively simple as it involves fat removal and muscle shortening by making a small cut underneath the chin .Surgery should be your last option. Try to reduce the double chin through exercise and proper diet only.
5. Makeup:
You can also change your personal style to decrease the appearance of double chin. One way is through makeup.
You can apply a dark foundation shade to highlight the jaw line.
Cropped hair that does not reach the chin level makes double chin a lot less obvious.
Wearing beads or bold necklaces will only help focus on the fat deposit under the chin. Avoid wearing jewellery that hangs loosely, if possible. This definitely is the easiest answer to how to lose double chin.
Sport elaborate eye makeup to make the eyes look larger and draw attention away from the chin.
Opt for neutral and nude shades of lipstick .These will make the chin area look smaller.
Avoid Choker necklaces.
Choose clothing with open necks and avoid Nehru collars.
Doing away with double chin is not as difficult as it seems. Just follow the above mentioned steps regularly and you will see your double chin disappearing. If all else fails and you still have a double chin, you can see a doctor to rule out fluid retention

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