Beauty DIY – Eyebrows Threading in the Comfort of your Home

Beauty DIY – Eyebrows Threading in the Comfort of your Home
Tweezing or waxing your eyebrows is painful and may not be something that you readily enjoy doing. If you have never heard of threading, you may want to take a few moments to check this ancient technique out. Threading has been used for centuries to create beautiful eyebrows and it is really easy to do on your own.
There are many spas and beauty salons that offer this technique nowadays but when you can do it at home for free, that seems like a better deal, right?
Threading is a bit safer than waxing because you do not have to risk using harsh wax on sensitive skin and many prefer it to tweezing because it pulls out a clean line of hair at one time instead of single hairs so it’s a bit faster.
Note that you may experience a bit of redness after eyebrow threading but this normally goes away in just a few minutes. You will need cotton thread about the length of your forearm to begin.
You just have to tie the thread into a loop and twist the look about 10 to 15 times. Note that you want the twists on the ends of the loop, leaving the center open. Keep twisting until you get a small enough loop to work with.
This loop is what you will hold up to the hairs on your eyebrows to remove them. You just situate the loop over your eyebrow in the area that you want to remove and then twist until the hairs come out.
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