How to Apply a Foundation on Face

Today we will talk about how to apply foundation like a pro. Foundation is a very essential part of the makeup because if the base is not right, no matter what you apply on your face, the makeup just doesn’t get right.
Rule one is to choose the right foundation for your skin. Make sure the foundation is closest to your skin tone. Test the foundation on your neck before you buy it. Check the ingredients too so as to understand that it does not contain any allergic ingredient that may affect your skin.
Choose your Foundation Wisely:
Today there are several types of foundation available in the market. Liquid foundationand stick foundation or matte foundations are the most popular one of the lot. If you have a dry skin then liquid foundation is the best for you, meanwhile if you have an oily skin, foundation stick is what you should opt for.
To apply a foundation perfectly you need to invest in a good foundation brush. A good brush will help to spread the liquid foundationseamlessly on the face and give aperfect finish. The foundation has to be applied with gentle even strokes, which can be done perfectly with a foundation brush.
How to Apply a Foundation on Face

1. First and foremost, cleanse the face well and then tone it with a toner and moisturize it well. Now your face is ready for foundation. This step will make the foundation look very natural.
2. After shaking the foundation well, squeeze out a small amount of foundation on your palm and mix it well with the foundation brush. Make sure your palm is clean.
3. Put the foundation on the face in dots starting from the nose, then move to cheeks and then borders of the face. Cover the whole faceas well as the neck. Now spread it all over and blend the foundation well gently. Take time and blend the foundation well into the skin. This will make the look natural. Concentratespecially on the areaaround the mouth, under eye especially, as there generally the skin is uneven.
4. The inner corner of the eyehas to be given importance. Jawline and hairline also has to be given special focus as these are the areas that we generally don’t pay much attention to.
5. If you are using a stick foundation, then you should follow the following way:Apply the foundation directly on theface. Mark thick lines all over the face concentrating especially on cheekbones nose and around the chin. Then with the help of your clean fingers, blend the foundation well. Remember the strokes have to be gentle. You can also use a sponge to blend.
6. Once everything is done take some translucent powder and dab it on the face and neck. This will set the foundation on the skin well.
If you are applying thefoundation with your fingers then do that in upward strokes.
Allow the foundation to set in the skin for about 3 to 5 minutes. Once it sets you can blot the entire face with a tissue paper.
If you have an even skin then you need not apply the foundation on the entire skin, you can use it just to cover the spots or scars on the face.
If you want a dewy look then you can add moisturizer to your foundation along with a drop of bronzer lotion. This will give you a dewy look.
If you use a sponge or brush for applying foundation, then make sure to clean it and sanitise it regularly in order to protect it from bacteria and other microorganisms.

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