DIY: Where to Apply Concealer

Concealer is that cosmetic weapon most of us ladies simply cannot live without. If it weren’t for my trusty concealer compact, people would probably mistake me for an extra on Dawn of the Dead. Not only can these little makeup devices get rid of unsightly blemishes as well as disguise redness but they can also make the difference between looking as though you’ve slept for a solid 8 hours as opposed to zero and bring out the best version of yourself.
So now that you’re aware of the many wonderful benefits that concealer has to offer, here’s a small guide on how and where to apply it!
DIY: Where to Apply Concealer

– Above the brow and below the brow: To lift your arches, open up your eyes and add some highlight to your face, blend a small amount of concealer above and underneath the brows.  
– Under the eyes: The under-eye area needs concealer most because the eye is set back in its socket, which lies in a shadow created by the surrounding bone structure. Because the skin is also thinner than the rest of the face, discolourations and surface veins show through easily. To conceal, use a flesh-tone concealer that is a shade or two lighter than your foundation. You can either dot the concealer under your eyes and use a damp wedge sponge to blend or apply in an inverted triangle shape, ending the tip of the upside down triangle on the upper cheekbone. Pat the product into the skin but do not, I repeat, do not wipe it in as this can tug at the delicate skin around the eye area and swish the product right off the face, not to mention enhance fine lines and creases. For a lighter touch, use your ring finger to tap the concealer in.
– The inner eye corners: Shadows can be the darkest around the inner corners of your eyes so camouflage these by dabbing the product onto this area and blending well. An illuminating concealer around here will help to brighten and widen your peepers. 
– Down the centre of the nose: If you want your nose to look slender, add a swipe of of concealer down the bridge of it. This also helps bring light to the centre of the face which has the effect of enhancing your features.
– Around the nostrils: The nostrils most commonly attract redness and broken capillaries so use your concealer to banish any discrepancies which will make your overall skin tone appear more even. If the discolouration is prominent, use a green concealer to neutralise any redness and try to apply a non-oily cream concealer as the nostrils are generally an extremely oily area on the face. 
– The outside of the mouth: Applying concealer to the outside area of the mouth is great at making the lips appear more youthful as it has a lifting effect, especially when it comes to droopiness and sagging lines. Reach for an anti-ageing formula that will fill in WRINKLES and inject the skin with antioxidants. Another great tip is to clean up any lipstick spills or streaks with a touch of concealer on a small tapered brush around the mouth.
– The centre of the chin: Get rid of any shadows and redness by adding a touch of concealer right in the centre of the chin and blend with a sponge. Layer with foundation for a flawless finish.
Remember — less is more! Start with a little bit of product. If you need more, add little by little. And when it comes to selecting the right concealer shade, following these steps:
Green concealer is great at counteracting discolouration and blemishes like minor breakouts.
Pink/peach concealer brightens dull areas on your skin including bruises and disguises signs of fatigue such as dark circles.
Yellow concealer is great for contouring. Use as a base on your eyelids, brow bone, or cheekbones before you apply the rest of your makeup.

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