14 Minutes Away From A High + Tight Tush

We all have days where we can hardly find time to go to the restroom alone, let alone spend a solid hour at the gym. So, when your day is packed from morning to night, we have a fabulous booty lifting workout that will tighten and tone in just 14 minutes. All the moves can be done without equipment (with minor adjustments) if you’re getting this sweat sesh in at home. Enjoy the hurt-so-good burn, knowing you’re getting your booty summer ready.
14 Minutes Away From A High + Tight Tush

Complete each move for as many reps as you can in 60 seconds. If you’re working one side/leg at a time, split the 60 seconds up into 30 second intervals for each side/leg. After your last workout in the sequence, rest for one minute and repeat the series a second time through.

Power Squats: Squats are the perfect workout to use when toning your glutes!  If jumping is too hard on your knees, you can modify this move to simply raising up on your tips toes. 

Standing Fire Hydrant with Medicine Ball: Not only is this move a booty-buster, but by keeping your abs tight, you can work your core too!

Static Lunge with Dumbbells: This move is great to tone your booty and legs.  Be careful that you aren’t letting you knee extend past your toes!

Kickback Pulse: This move requires small and controlled motions and is perfect for keeping your tush from getting saggy!

Plie Squat with Dumbbells: Because squats are such a great booty-lifter, we also included this plie squat.

Romanian Deadlift: As long as you don’t let your back round, this move is great to work your glutes, as well as a nice stretch after all those squats! 

Rest for 60 seconds. Repeat series one more time through for a 14-minute workout.

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