The Perfect Red Lip Tutorial |Picture tutorial|How to not have your lipstick bleed

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Today I want to share with you how to have a crisp clean looking red lip. The last thing you want when your wearing a bright red lip is  your lipstick bleeding past your lip line or look smeared which can result in looking like you just ate a red popsicle (not cute). I usually see this happen when I see someone throw on a red lip, rub their lips together, and call it good. It may be fine right then, but not too long after it will have the popsicle affect.
The Perfect Red Lip Tutorial |Picture tutorial|How to not have your lipstick bleed

Just a few easy steps that luckily you only have to do once. If you do these steps when you first put it on, you should only have to reapply the middle of your lips throughout the day after eating or drinking (unless your a very aggressive eater).
Steps by Steps :
Step 1- Lip liner, I like to start in the middle of the lips. Start at the cupids bow (the V section on your upper lip) and the middle of your bottem lip.
Step 2- Line your lips starting at the corners of your lips upwards towards the cupids bow. I know this seems silly, why does it matter if you line your lips upward or downwards? If you go upwards you naturally swoop up and give yourself a fuller lip. If you line downwards you will naturally swoop down and give a little bit of a smaller lip. So it does depend on your lip size on how to line your lips. Or if one side of your lip is fuller than your other, this is how you will make them look more even.
Step 3- Now that your lips are fully lined. Fill in with your lipstick of choice.
Step 4- Use a clear wax liner, Line the outside of your lips on your skin. The wax liner helps the red lip from running or bleeding outside your lip line. Is it necessary to use two different liners? Yes, The first liner defines your shape. This wax liner helps from it looking messy in a couple hours.
Step 5- This is my favorite step for making red lips so pretty and clean looking. Use a concealer around your lips to give the edges a  crisp look and make the line look super smooth. I like the touché éclat from YSL, its kind of expensive, so I have also used the benefit eye primer ‘stay don’t stray’ which is a nude color to do this same trick. if you use a concealer make sure its not a heavy full coverage concealer. A brightening concealer, or the benefit primer works best.
Using a lighter concealer (barely lighter) than your skin, or a brightening concealer looks youthful. If you look at little kids they have a light ring around their lip line. So not only does it polish the look but you will have youthful pouty lips.

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