4 types outlined. What is your favorite?

4 types outlined. What is your favorite?

The outlined that surrounds every eye is super modern and glam , they will consider eye closed the route is straighter , a fact that makes this kind of outlined further updated. To just start applying the product close to the lower lashes then go up, always respecting the eye line and taking the route out. To facilitate mire (on an imaginary line) at the root of chops. After the eye is only just exceed about 1 / 1.5 cm. Following the outlined pull into making a triangle lying. Finish filling the entire region close to the upper lashes. The outlined here should be thick and striking!

Product Tips:

Eyeliner to dry fast, as a result you have to apply another over (that is, it can not stamp!) . Eyeliner Gel Yes Cosmetics collection Sabrina Sato, gel eyeliner of whom said, berenice? and Fludline Blacktrack MAC.
Bevel brush, has great accuracy and optimizes the time to order outlined. Love Eco line Macrilan!

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