The Tulip Manicure Nails and JIN soon

The Tulip Manicure Nails and JIN soon


We don’t do a ton of nail art here at BB because, frankly, I’m lucky enough to have time for a mani, let alone one that requires artistic abilities. (Can you hear my three-week old Shellac going clickety clack? Woops.) But this tulip manicure by the eminent Jin Soon Choi was too killer not to share. It’s got an art deco meets 60s vibe that I want to pair with white jeans and a billowy top. If you dare, here’s how:
1. File and shape your nails to a natural square shape.
2. Apply a base coat like JINsoon Power Coat
3. Apply JINsoon Dolly Pink on the entire nail bed.
4. With a thin brush, create the tulip petals with JINsoon Cherry Berry.  Starting at the cuticle area, draw a straight line down towards the tip of the nail, curving left ¾ of the way down to create an arch and then fill in the shape.  Repeat on the right side of the same nail to create a mirroring shape.
5. Apply top coat like JINsoon Top Gloss for a lasting glossy finish.

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